Brown v Hurford

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Frederick County, Virginia

Chancery Causes, 1805-1806

Frederick County/Clerk of the Circuit Court

County Court Ended Chancery Causes

1745-1898, Undated and Miscellaneous

Chancery Papers


Brown v Hurford

Sheet #1

Mr. Jn’o HURFORD & Mr. Rob’t MALONY

Take notice that at the house of Jonas POTTS in the Town of Leesburg
at the 29th of this month between the hours of nine AM and for PM. I shall take
the depo’t of Jonas POTTS to be read in evidence on the trial of the dent. In 6L7
(?) pending in the County court of Fred’k where you and I am pla’f.

William BROWN

March 23rd, 1802

Loudoun County to wit.

The depossion of Jonas POTTS _______ (?) age taken at his own house
in Leesburg agreeable to annexed notice, in a suit now pending in the county Court
of Frederick wherein William BROWN is Plat’f and John HURFORD and Robert MALONY an
defe’t This stapoena being duly qualified deposth and said, That, he ____(?) in
William Browns Mill in the County aforesaid between the third and tenth day of Feb’y
1807. The Mill at that time was occupied by William BROWN the Plat’f and John HURFORD
the def’t this deponent at that time asked Joseph HARFORD how many Barrels of Flour
they had made since harvest, which he answered nearly Two thousand, this dissonant
further states that he asked the said Joseph HURSFORD How much the Corn Mill ground
per day, to which he made answer but this deponent cannot recollect the answer.


Signed and affirmed

on the 29th day of March 1802

before us two of the Justices

of the peace for the County

of Loudoun. Given under our


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Frederick County, Virginia