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Miscellaneous Loose Copied Pages


DEED BOOKS 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19


Page 398-C

Name; To/From; Name; Kind of Instrument; Book Number/Page Number.

SLAGEL, William T. to BELL Tr., John M.; Trust; 14/176

STRIKER et ux, William T. to Home Building Association; Trust; 14/186

STRICKER, etux etals, Wm. G. to Home Building Association; Trust; 14/191

STREIT, Wm. H. from LAREW Admr., Samuel L.; Deed; 14/409

STREIT, Wm. H to MILLER Tr,, John G.; Trust; 14/410

STREIT et ux, Wm. H. to MILLER et als, John G.; Deed; 14/411

STREIT, Wm. H. to STREIT, Tr., James B.; Trust; 14/416

STREIT, Wm. H. to STREIT Tr., James B; Trust; 14/470

SLAGLE et ux, Wm. I to HOCK, Andrew J.; Deed; 15/20

STRIKER, Wm. T; Homestead; 15/40

STRIKER, et ux, Wm. T. to BAKER Tr., William B., Trust; 15/62

SLAGLE et als, Wm. T. to PARKER, Richard; Deed; 15/241

SLAGLE’S Tr., Wm. T.; Account; 15/257

SLAGLE’S Tr., Wm. T. to GAMSTEN, Samuel F.; Deed; 15/258

STREIT et us, Wm. H. to CONRAD Tr., Holmes; Trust; 15/276

STREIT’s  Tr. Etux, Wm. H. to BAKER, Henry S.; Release; 15/342

SOUTH et ux, Washington to BAKER Tr., Albert; Trust; 15/404

STREIT, Wm. H. from MILLER, John G.; Release; 15/455

SOUTH, Washington; Homestead; 15/461

SOUTH, Washington to SOUTH, Alla V.; Deed; 16/15

SEEMER, William; Homestead; 16/37

STRIKER, Wm. T. to Home Building Association; Release; 16/90

SLAGLE, Wm. T. to BOWEN, Martha A.; Lien; 16/193

SLAGLE, Wm. T. to BOWEN, Martha A.; Release; 16/235

SHULL et ux, Wm. H. to KREMER, Henrietta; Deed; 16/304

SIGAFOOSE etux, William to KREMER, Henrietta; Deed; 16/304

SLAGLE, Wm. I. vs. BOWEN et al, Martha A; Lis-Pendens; 17/206

SMITH (COL.), Wm. R. from BYRD Tr., William; Release; 17/321

SLAGLE, Wm. I. vs. NULTON et als, John M.; Lien; 18/4

SINGLETON etux etals, Wm. A. to SINGLETON, Maria; Deed; 18/86

SLAGLE etux etals, Wm. I. to HOUCK, Charles W.; Deed; 18/88

SMITH et ux, Wm. A. to CLARK Tr., William L.; Trust; 19/237

STRIKER etux etals, Wm. T. to Mc COY, John; Deed; 19/250

STRIKER et us, Wm. T. to JENKINS, Charles S., Deed; 19/338

SEEMER’s Exor., William to RHINEHART, M. A.; Release; 19/428

SOUTH, et us, Washington to HARDY Tr., Charles H.; Trust; 19/449




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