Submitted by: John Haines

John has graciously agreed to share photos taken by his parents around 1917
in the Winchester area along with some family information.

125 W. Water Street
(now West Boscawen)

Haines Family at 125 W. Water Street
CA 1917 ,Winchester, VA.
L to R: Father, J. Augustus ("Gus") Haines, Aunt Ruth Teresa, Grandmother Lizzie Elosser and Grandfather John Benjamin Haines. 

 Haines burials at Mt. Hebron
Water Street photo taken by my father, J. A. ("Gus") Haines, Sr. in or about 1917. 
The buildings are still there, and look about the same as back then. Apparently the photo was taken during the fall because of what looks like leaves gathered in the street. The Town Run flowed under my grandparents' home which was on the right.  Water Street was appropriately named, and it appears that in this photo that a lot of water had not ran off into the Town Run.  You can see the Rouss fire Company.  It's still at the corner of Water
and Braddock St. 

  J. Augustus and Ruth Teresa Haines  J. Augustus Haines, Sr.( U. S. Mail carrier for 33 years in Winchester) and his sister Ruth Teresa Haines( She was a first grade school teacher for Frederick County. Her first school building was a converted chicken coop, on Miller St. on the South end of Winchester.  It had a cold-fired stove for heat, the outside was white washed and inside the wooden floors were bare.)  On the left is an unidentified lady.

J. Augustus Haines, in front of his old home place at 125 W. Water
St., in Winchester 

Crystal Service Station Millwood Avenue (just east of Kent Street, North Side), Winchester, VA.  Late 1930s.  Virgil R. Prince, Station owner/operator, checking his 1935 Ford.  The other car owner is probably brother-in-law, Ken McDonald.  His car is being serviced by Harry Bowen. The station is now gone, and there's a vacant lot there.  Virgil R. Prince was the father of Jim Prince who submitted this photo.

The Baker Wholesale Grocer.  The photo was taken around 1910. The original store is gone. It is thought to have been located on the  South West corner of Piccadilly and North Kent Streets, in what is today downtown Winchester.  The people are identified as a work  force and a foreman by contributor  Jim Prince.
1.)  William Snyder
2.)  W. C. Baker
3.)  Black Babe (It's not our intention to be disrespectful to this gentleman, but that's the name he was referred to by all  the citizens)
4.)  L. Bloyew 
5.)  Rue Baker
6.)  Lou Mikley
7.)  Millard John Yost
8.)  Larry Janey
9.)  William  Baker, the foreman. 
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