Isaac Hite Land Survey

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“Frederick County, Virginia Survey Book”

Frederick County ss

                                By Virtue of a Treasure Warrant No. 11 dated the 1st day of May 1787 issued to Isaac HITE Sen’r for 79 Acres of Land and by Virtue of an Entry made on the same by the said Isaac HITE June 11th, 1787 for the said granted of Land, lying adjoining the Western Boundaries of Jacob SPERRY’s Land and the Land of Isaac HITE Jun’r purchas’d by him of William VANCE and the Eastern bank of Cedar Creek contiguous to the same. I have made a Survey of the said Land which is bounded as follow Viz.     Beginning at two White Oaks on the top of a steep hill represented in the above plott of the same by the letter A a corner of the Land of the said Jacob SPERRY and to the said Isaac HITE Jun’r and running thence with the line of SPERRY S24 ½ W46 p’o to B the point of with the line of SPERRY S24 ½ W46 to B the point of a large Rock about a pole Southward of a marked Elm at the mouth of the Meadow Branch where it empties unto Cedar Creek thence up the Creek as it meanders and along on the bank of the same N89 W10 p’o N37 W10 p’o N4 ½ E6 p’o N30 E10 p’o N56 ½ E8 ½ p’o N31 E22 p’o to C an Elm on the water edge of said Creek and a small White Oak near the same thence S63 E11 P’O TO THE Beginning Containing four and three quarter Acres The said Survey made July 19th 1787

                                                                John CARDEDLL D.S.F.C.


                                                                 B. ASHBY S.F.C.


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Frederick County, Virginia