Oldacre/Groves Marriage

Submitted by Charolette “Chocy” Brown


“Marriage Bonds-Frederick County Virginia”



Know all men by these presents that we Henry OLDACRE and John GROVES are held and firmly bound unto John PAGE Esq. Governor of Virginia, in the just and full sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, to which payment well and truly to be made to the said Governor or his successors, we bind ourselves, our and each of our heirs, executors and administration, jointly and feverally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 11th day of January 1803.


                The Conditions of the above Obligation is such, that whereas there is a MARRIAGE shortly intended be solemnized between the above bound Henry OLDACRE and Susanah GROVES of Frederick County of lawful age now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage, then the above obligation to be void and of no effect—otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

                Signed, Sealed, and delivered

                In the presence of}                  Henry OLDAKER  (L.S.)

                                                                John GROVE          (L.S.)

                Thomas TIDBALL

                Fee pd McKEWAN

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Frederick County, Virginia