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Isaac PENINGTON to John HITE & Gabriel JONES


“Frederick County, Virginia Deed Book No. 3”


Page 350

                This Indenture made the Thirteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and fifty Four Between Isaac PENINGTON late of the County of Frederick in the Colony of Virginia but now of the Province of South Carolina of the one part and John HITE of the said County of Frederick and Gabriel JONES of the  County of Augusta in the Said Colony of Virginia of the other part Witnesseth that the Said Isaac PENINGTON for and in Consideration of the Sum of Five Shillings Currency to him in hand paid by the said John HITE and Gabriel JONES the Receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge Hath Granted Bargained & Sold and by these Presents doth Grant bargain & Sell unto the said John HITE AND Gabriel JONES two certain Tracts or Parcels of Land situate in the Parish and County of Frederick in the aforesaid Colony and Marsh called PENINGTON Marsh and the same whereon the said Isaac PENINGTON lately lived One Tract or Parcel of Land Contains Two Hundred and Thirty five Acres being the remaining part of a Tract of Five hundred acres Granted by Patent to the said Isaac PENINGTON on the third day of October MCKCCXXX and Includes the whole Buildings & Improvements of the said Isaac PENINGTON & is bounded as followeth Viz Beginning at a white Oak running thence across the meadow South Eighty five degrees West fifty four poles to a Stake Thence up the said MEADOW North Seventeen Degrees West fourteen Poles to a Walnut thence South Sixty five

Page 351

Degrees West thirty Poles to a hickory sapling thence North Seventeen degrees West eight poles to a Hiccory & two Elms Thence South West one hundred & twenty five Poles to a South East line of the Original Tract of Five hundred Acres thence a long the said line South east two hundred &Ten Poles to COLSONs corner thence No East along COLSONs line crossing the Meadow One Hundred & Seventy five Poles to two Locusts thence No forty nine degrees West One hundred and forty six Poles to said Beginning the Other Tract or Parcel of Land joins the former & was Granted to the said Isaac PENINGTON by Deed from the proprietors Office of the Northern Neck of Virginia the second day of April MDCCLM & Contains four hundred forty five acres and bounded as followeth Viz Beginning at a White Oak corner to A Patten Land (the Same as above Mentioned) and Extending them South forty five degrees West thirty Poles to a corner of MORRIS’s Pattented land two hundred & Sixty Poles to Four small black oak Saplins in Samuel ISAACS line thence with ISAAC’s line South fifty Seven degrees East two Hundred & Ninety eight poles to a Hiccory his the said PENINGTONs corner ALSO CORNER TO Isaac FOSTER thence with FOSTERS line South Sixty degrees Forty five Poles to two white Oaks one of them turns at the Top. FOSTERS corner & John VANCES thence with VANCES line No forty five degrees two Hundred Poles to a small locust and red Oak in Rich Barrons in a line of the said PENINGTON’S Finally North forty five degrees West Three hundred & thirty five Poles to the Beginning and all Houses Edifices Buildings Gardens Orchards Meadows Common Pastures Feedings Trees Woods under Woods Ways Paths Waters Water Course Easements Profits Commodities & Advantages whatsoever to said same belonging or in any wise Appertaining  or which now are or Formerly have been Occupied used or enjoyed to or with the same or as part parcel or member thereof and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder & Remainders Rents Issues & Profits thereof and of every part & Parcel thereof To have and to hold the said two Several Tracts or parcels of Land above mentioned & every part of parcel Thereof with the Appurtenances John HITE & Gabriel JONES THEIR Executors Administrators & Assigns From the Day of the Date thereof for and during the full End & term of one whole year from thence next & ensuing and fully to be Complete & ended Yielding & Paying therefore one Ear of Indian Corn in & upon the Feast of Cristmas (if the same be demanded) to the end therefore that the said John HITE & Gabriel JONES by Virtue of These Presents & by force of the Statute for Transferring Uses into Possession they the said John HITE and Gabriel JONES may being and Actual Possession thereof and be Enabled to accept & take a Grant & Release of the Reversion & Inheritance thereof to them and their heirs &

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(Top missing, the following is the end of the Release for this property)

Witnessed by


____________ (Signature in German)

Mary (her M mark) PENINGTON    seal

                                At a Court held for Frederick County on February the

                                5th Day of October 1754.

Isaac PENNINGTON and Mary his wife the said Mary being first Privately Examined in Open Court Acknowledged this their Release for land with a Receipt Indorsed to John HITE and Gabriel JONES which on the Motion of the said HITE and JONES was admitted to Record.





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