William Ramey to John Howard - Indenture

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Apprenticeship Indenture: William RAMEY son of Elizabeth to John HOWARD

“Frederick County, Virginia Deed Book No. 6”

Page 119

                This Indenture Witnesseth that William RAMEY son of Elizabeth RAMEY of the County of Frederick and Colony of Virginia Hath by & with the Consent of his mother and the Approbation of the County Court of Frederick put himself and by these Presents doth Voluntarily and of his own free Will and Accord put himself Apprentice to John HOWARD of the Same place to learn the Art Trade and Mystery which the said John HOWARD now followeth (that is to Say Immuring) & after the manner of an Apprentice to Serve him from the day of the date hereof during the Term of four years and a half next Ensuring during all which Term the said the said Apprentice his said Master faithfully Shall Serve his Secrets Keep his Lawful Command Every Where Obey he Shall do no damage to his said Master nor said to be done by others without giving Notice thereof to his said Master he Shall not Waste his said Masters Goods nor Land them unlawfully to Any he Shall not Commit Fornication nor Contract Matrimony within the said Term at Cards dice or any __ (?) Game he Shall not play whereby his said Master may have damage with his own goods nor with the goods of Others without License from his said Master he shall neither Buy nor Sell he Shall not Absent himself day nor night from his said Masters Service without his Leave nor Haunt Ale Houses Taverns Play Houses Gaming Houses Race field nor any other Places of Bad resort But in all things Behave himself as a faithful apprentice ought to do during the said Term and the said Master Shall use the Utmost of his Endeavour to teach or Cause to be Taught or Institute the said Apprentice in the Trade or Mystery the said Master now followeth of a Joiner also to provide for his during the said Term Good Sufficient Meat Drink Washing ___________________________________(last line blacked out)

At a Court held for Frederick County on the 5th day of May 1761.

This Indenture was acknowledged by John HOWARD Party thereto & ordered to be Recorded.





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