Cornelius Shuler - Land Survey - 1851

Submitted by Clara Lawver

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SHULER, Cornelius
1 May 1851

Cornelius Shuler
A Po. 13 1/2

Frederick Co.

Scale 50 poles to an inch
Magnetic Variation 18'E

Frederick County, Sct.
By virtue of Land office
Treasury warrant No. 10.885 and entry made
thereon the 4th day of December 1847, by Corne-
lius SHULER assignee in Copartnership with
William SMITH of Peter ASHTON, assignee of Conrad KREMER. there
is surveyed for said SHULER, the following tract of land, lying on
Timber Ridge, adjoining George WHITACRE, John RINEHART &c.
Beginning at a fallen chestnut oak, corner to said WHITACRE
and JACKSON, and running thence with the former, N. 52 o E 115 poles
to a young Chestnut in John RINEHARTS line, then with his line
S. 24 o W 35 poles to a white oak, gum, and dead red oak, corner to
what was formerly ADAM's tract, then with JACKSON's line S. 63 1/2 W.
85 poles to the beginning ~~ Containing six acres and thirteen and a half square poles

Given under my hand the 3rd of November 1849


Rec Oct. 31st 1850
??? 1st May 1851

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Frederick County, Virginia