Richard Taylor - Land Survey - 1788

Submitted by Clara Lawver

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Richard Taylor
221 Acres
Frederick County
Recd. 26th. Decr. 1787
Grant Issued the
10th of Octr. 1788

By a scale of 100 poles to an Inch

Frederick County Sct. Pursuant to a warrant Issued from


from the Office of the late Proprietor of the Northern
Neck dated the 3rd day of April 1779 to Robert CAHOON and
Entry made thereon on the ninth day of January 1787,
for 400 Acres of Ungranted land Joining the land of
Harrison TAYLOR which he purchased of Joseph WILKINSON on back
Creek in the County of Frederick aforesaid. I have surveyed the
said warrant and entry out, on the application of Richard TAYLOR
assee. of the said CAHOON of which the above is a true platt, the
same being bounded as follows to wit, Beginning at A, a pile of
stones a Corner to the said land of Harrison TAYLOR, and also the land
of Robert LOCKHART and running thence with LOCKHART North 76
degrees West 76 poles to B, a white oak another corner to the said
LOCKHART, Thence leaving LOCKHART and running South 11 1/2 deg West
37 poles to a small walnut and hickory on the side of a hill, in
a line of the land of Thomas MARPOOL, thence with him South
32 1/2 degr. East 68 poles between a mark'd spanish and red Oak
thence Continuing with the said MARPOOL South 55 1/2 degr. West 143
poles to a large red Oak near a branch, Thence south, 91 1/2 poles
to a pine thence South 65 degr. East 96 poles to a large Chesnut oak on the
north west side of the north mountain, Thence along said Mountain
North 35 1/2 degr. East 283 poles to a pile of Stones near a mark'd white &
two Chesnut Oaks in the line of the said Harrison TAYLOR, Thence with
him - North 76 1/4th degr. West 100 poles Crossing a branch to his Corner white
Oak thence N 13 de E 32 poles to the beginning containing two hundred
and Twenty one Acres, Survey'd January 12th - 1787 by
John Cordell D S F C
Examd. Benjamin Ashby S F C

January the twelfth one Thousand seven hundred and eighty


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