Richard Taylor - Land Grant - 1788

Submitted by Clara Lawver

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Richd. Taylor
221 Acres
Frederick Coty.

Edmund Randolph Esquire Governor of the
Commonwealth of Virginia To all To whom these presents shall
come Greeting. Know ye that by Virture of a Warrant Issued from
the late Lord proprietors office Of the Northern Neck and in
Consideration of the ancient Composition of one pound five
shillings sterling paid by Richard TAYLOR into the Treasury of
this Commonwealth. There is granted by the said Commonwealth
unto the Said Richard TAYLOR assignee of Richard CAHOON a ~~~
certain tract or parcel of Land Containing Two hundred and
twenty one acres by Survey bearing date the Twelfth day of
January One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Seven lying and
being in the County of Frederick joining the Land of Harrison
TAYLOR which he purchased of Joseph WILKINSON on Back Creek &
Bounded as followeth to wit: Beginning at a pile of Stones &
corner to the said Land of Harrison TAYLOR and also the land of
Robert LOCKHART and running thence with LOCKHARTS line north
Seventy six degrees. West Seventy six poles to a white oak another
corner to said LOCKHART thence leaving LOCKHARTS line and running
South eleven and a half degrees west thirty Seven poles to a small
Walnut and hickory on the side of a hill in the line of the
Land of Thomas @ MARPOOL thence with his line South thirty
two and a half degrees East Sixty eight poles to between a Marked
spanish oak and red oak thence Continued with said MARPOOL
South fifty five and a half degrees west one hundred and forty
three poles to a large red oak near a branch thence South ninety
one and a half poles to a pine thence South Sixty five degrees
East ninety Six poles to a large Chesnut oak on the
North West side of the north mountain thence along same
Mountain North thirty five and a half degrees East Two hundred and
Eighty five poles to a pile of Stones near a marked wh
And Two Chesnut oaks on the line of the said Harrison TAY


thence with his line North seventy six and a quarter degrees west One
hundred poles Crossing a branch to his corner white-oak thence north
thirteen degrees East thirty two poles to the Beginning with its
Appurtenances. To have and To hold the Said Land or parcel of Land
with its Appurtenances to the Said Richard TAYLOR and his Heirs for-
ever In Witness where of the Said Edmund RANDOLPH, Esquire Gover-
nor of the Commonwealth of Virginia hath hereunto Set his hand
and Caused the lesser Seal of the Said Commonwealth to be affixed
at Richmond, on the Tenth day of October in the year of
Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty eight
and of the Commonwealth the Thirteenth

Edmund Randolph


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