Thomas B Walter - Will

Submitted by Dick Rush

Walters Tho B Will; 01 Jun 1810: Frederick County Virginia Will Book 8, page 536:

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas B. Walter of the County of Frederick and state of
Virginia being sick and weak in body but of sound disposing mind and memory being
desirous of settling my worldly belongs that I may be this better prepared when it may
please God to call me to make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in a manner
an form following. (viz)

I desire that my body may be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter
named and after my just debts and funeral charges are paid. I thus bequeath the

I desire that all of my movable estate (except my negro girl Jane) may be sold and the
money from thence arising after paying the debts and charges aforesaid be disposed of
herein after directed my negro girl Jane. I wish hired to give good years on each and
every year until my youngest child Susannah comes of age. The money of such hire to be
applied as hereafter directed my house and Lot near the White Post. I wish rented either
from year to year or under Lease (as my executors may think best) to the best advantage
the rents thereof to be directed hereafter until my said youngest child comes of age and
considering the tender years of my three youngest children Sarah Thomas and Susannah
who as yet have received an education. I therefore bequeath unto my said daughter Sarah
ten pounds to my son Thomas twenty pound to my daughter Susannah twelve pounds to
be applied by executors to educating the said the children out of any monies which may
come into their hands from the sale hire or rents aforesaid my son and daughter
Alexander and Mary not having sufficient education I desire that they may be sent to
school until they acquire as much as is necessary my three youngest children Sarah
Thomas and Susannah are also to be educated as far as is necessary and what may be
lacking to defray the expenses thereof after the said Legacies are extinguished is to be
paid out of the money arising from the sale hire or rents aforesaid as is also the expense
of educating my oldest son and daughter Alexander and Mary.
My two sons Alexander and Thomas I wish to put some useful trade such as they may
think are proper to engage in. my three daughters Mary Sarah and Susannah I wish to
remain with their relations and should they not I wish them put under the care of some
respectable woman who will endeavor to cultivate their morals what morals may remain
in the hands of Executors after defraying the charges herein before specified. I direct to
be paid to my said sons and daughters (trust) Alexander A. Walter, Thomas B. Walter,
Susannah G. H. Walter, share and share alike as they become of age _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
(the preceding dashes were in the will).
When my said youngest child Susannah comes of age I direct my house and Lot
aforesaid and also my negro girl Jane to be sold as also her increase (aforementioned)
and the money to be divided amongst my sons children or such of them as their
representative as may be living.
And whereas Kitty Boulton has during my present illness been attentive to me as a
nurse and has kept house for me previous to my present illness I do therefore in
consideration of her services (provided she will relinquish all the claims and demand
whatever against my estate and not otherwise) give and _______ unto her daughter Ann
my house and lot in Middletown in the county and state aforesaid on this _______
condition that she said Kitty Boulton pay unto my Executors the sum of ten dollars cash
and every year for ten years after my decease and the said Kitty Boulton is to have the
immediate possession of the said premises and to hold the same to her own use until the
said daughter comes of age on the terms before mentioned and not otherwise and should
her said daughter Ann die before she comes of age then I desire the said house and Lot
shall be sold and the money to be divided amongst my said children as before directed
(that is) share and share alike provided nevertheless of the said Ann dies as aforesaid. my
executors are to pay back what money they may have received from the said Kitty
Boulton to her or her Order _ _ _ _ _. (last dashes are in the will)
And I do appoint my father Lawrence Walter and my friend Tho Smith executors to
his my last will and testament in manner and form aforesaid revoking and annulling all
others ratifying and confirming this and this only to be my last will and testament. In
testimony whereof I have herein to set my hand and seal this first day of June Eighteen
hundred & ten.

Signed Sealed __________ and declared }
By Thomas B Walter the above named }
______ as and for his last will and }
testament before us who in his possession }
and in the presence of each other have }
subscribed over our names as witnesses thereto. }

Lewis An?? }
Jacob Rody }
Abraham Snider} At a Court held for Frederick County this 2nd day of
July 1810.
This last will and testament of Thomas B Walters deceased proved by the
oaths Beatty of Jacob Rody and Abraham Snider Witnesses. There and ordered to be
recorded. And at a Court held for the said County the 6th day of August in the year
aforesaid on the motion Lawrence Walter an executor therein named who ____ Oath
according to Law certificate is granted him for manning a probate thereof _____ due
from giving security whereupon he together with Thomas Smith and John Smith his
security entered into and acknowledges Bond in the penalty of two thousand dollars
conditioned as the Law directs Thomas Smith the other executor therein named in
Orphan court refused taking upon himself the bur----- of this Execution thereof which is
Ordered to be Recorded.

By this Court.
Iaker ?????

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