W B Walter - Will

Submitted by Dick Rush

Will Book 27 page 157 Frederick County Virginia:

Memorandum of amounts given to my children if my estate is worth anything after my
decease & after paying my debts, then each one of my children is to have an equal share
& that which has been given to those during my life time considered part of their equal
share on which there is no interest to be added. April the 25th 1856.
W. B. Walter

State of Virginia } September Tenth 1865
County of Frederick } To Wit a certain written Testimony of Wm B. Walter decd
produced in Court & the oaths of Nat. Bent and Jos. S. Casson to be wholly in
handwriting of the deceased ordered to be recorded.
By the Court,
Testa, C. W. Gibbens Clerk


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Frederick County, Virginia